Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C25K - Week 1 Workout 1

Monday saw the start of my C25K challenge, although it almost ended as quickly as it started, when I tried to ignore the alarm that was wailing at 4.45am in the morning and found myself already flinging the excuses around - "it's too cold" "it's dark" "I'm too tired, I'll start tomorrow" - after 10 minutes of internal battle I finally dragged myself out of bed and peeling on my running gear, realising the only person I'm letting down is myself and I'd only feel awful later on in the morning when I couldn't even get my motivated enough to make it past day one.

So I loaded up the podcast, slipped the house key into my bra and off I went, actually what does one do with their house key when they don't have pockets. I was a little worried about it falling out but seriously it was tucked nice and securely underneath the bra and crop top combination. Goodness gracious it was cold and dark, seriously only crazy people must be up this early exercising.

It started with a warm up walk, then there was the first set, felt ok, that minute seemed to go forever though, I survived. The second one felt comfortable, as did the next couple, felt I was hitting my stride and not as unfit as I thought I was, then there was the 5th and 6th and I had the feeling I was running up hill, actually up Mount Everest and not the little park land at the end of my street. Once I knew I was on the homeward stretch, the last two felt smooth and as if I could run forever.

I was so proud of myself for one getting out of bed and not giving into myself and 2 actually completing the first workout. I was an eager beaver and was reeved up to go for a walk again thhis morning, even though the program said to have a rest day, well I gave in this morning and had my rest day but my running gear is all set up on the end of my bed. No excuses tomorrow, cold and dark, no worries, I'll be out there, it warm up soon enough. Just remind me of this tomorrow when the alarm goes off again at 4.45am.

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