Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

It has been a big year for me, with some massive changes and decisions made. Christmas is truly a time to think and reflect on the year that has gone and those things you are grateful to have in your life, for me that is my family, my girls, my mum and dad and siblings they mean the world to me, and to be able to share Christmas with as many of those people to me, is truly a blessing and what Christmas is really about.
I do love Christmas, I beleive I get more excited then the girls, especially as I was up a good hour or so before they were Christmas morning waiting for them to get up and open their presents. I'm one of those strange people that enjoy wrapping presents, making sure that it looks just right, I'm also one of those strange people that when unwrapping doesn't like to tear the paper, and will reuse the wrapping paper.
The unwrapping portion of our morning was a whirlwind of wrapping paper and boxes, the end result was two very spoilt little girls and I did alright too. I can't help myself though, I love shopping for my girls, I even found time to make sure I spoilt myself this year. I think the highlights would have to be for the girls are the scooters, cameras (I gave Miss T my old camera and Miss M a kids tough one), Alphie for Miss T and the toy laptop for Miss M, just like Miss T said now we all have one, hehe. For me my favourites would be the Pandora charms Miss T helped me pick out, I got a panda to symbolize my 30th birthday trip to Hong Kong and a love heart with a pink gem stone for my pink loving little girl and the best present from the day was free and came from Miss M she told me she loved me for the first time, awww melt my heart.
Lunch was spent at my dad's with most of the family, the aircon, the pool, a little bit of wine and plenty of good food, seriously Lesley that salmon was to die for, so yummy. The girls and I built the gingerbread house which unfortunately was subjected to a heat slide or the biig bad wolf, could have been either one which resulted in the roof sliding off. Regardless it was still lots of fun to make and it did look awesome for the short time it remained in one piece.
It was a fantastic day, very low key, no stress, just the way I like it, now it's time to enjoy the extra few days off work and relish in the extra times with my girls.
Now here is the pictorial version of our Christmas.
Christmas baking
Letter from Santa

awake and ready to see what Santa brought her

Miss M opening her first present

Miss T opening her presents

Miss M just being her cute little self in one of her new outfits.

Miss T and Alphie = one very happy little girl

The gingerbread house before the landslide

Miss T my little poser in her new Tinkerbell dress

Merry Christmas from me and I hope 2011 brings everything that you hope and dream that it will. I know 2011 will have some even bigger changes and I'm looking forward to what that will mean for me and my little girls and how we will grow with them.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No, I just didn't do that.

oh yes I did.

The TV is off,
the computer lid will soon be closed.
I'm showered and the PJ's on
and at the ripe old hour of 8.30 p.m.
I have put myself to bed.
Man I feel old.

Oh well here's to good night sleep,
until that alarm shrills at 5.15 a.m.
and it all starts again.

this little sleepy head staring into the distance is Miss T my almost 5 year old at only a couple of weeks old, isn't she cute.

Monday, December 20, 2010

More than one use for the toy icecream and basket set from Ikea

A hat with icecream ball ears.
I just love the fact that a child can look at play food and see so much more potential then a simple basket of fruit.
Oh and I think Miss M is pretty darn cute in her basket hat as well.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Uh oh, guess who went to Ikea today?

Eeeek, honestly I swear every item in my shopping cart leaped in their of it's own accord and simply begged me to take it with me, ok you don't believe that's the way it happened, well in that case it was all Miss M's fault, she made me do it, lol.

Isn't it always the way though, you go to Ikea with a set plan, a set shopping list, in my case I was after photo frames for our prints from Disneyland but I forgot to take them so had no idea what size I needed, not a good start. Needless to say I didn't buy any photo frames but I sure as heck made up for that little misdemeanour.

Our Ikea haul included a playmat for the playroom with roads on it, the entire toy food collection, I love the stuff, it's such an awesome idea and its not plastic, as do my girls, so win win for us all, as well as a big storage box to put it all in. Some more kids cutlery and bowls, seriously somebody in this house must eat the stuff it just seems to disappear. A good size stool for the kids to help me in the kitchen and some new ice cube trays. Oh and lets not forget the silver star to go on top of the Christmas tree.

Like I said it was all Miss M's fault. I can't blame Miss T she was in the kid's play room, or maybe I can, maybe if she was with me she could of helped me fend off all these goodies from jumping into my trolley.

Monday, December 13, 2010


how I love thee.

Everywhere I turn now days I see Paris, she just seems to have moved in like an old friend, whether it be a gorgeous bed spread, a cute top with I heart Paris, photo calendar, movies like Julie and Julia, decorative gift boxes, there she is in all her splendour. I just couldn't help be swepted up in all her hype, how could you not, she is beautiful and mystic after all.

Paris is now at the top of my dream list and all things falling into alignment I would love to be able to spend Winter 2012 with my girls in Paris.

Snow, Paris, Christmas, I'm in love.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My little Gymnast

I am so proud of my big girl, just before we went away in November I enrolled Miss T into Gymnastic classes. The moment she stepped onto the floor she loved it. Five weeks later she entered into her first badge test for level 1, I wasn't expecting her to pass but knew she would have a lot of fun having a go.

Well I was right about that, she had a blast but she did surprise me with a couple of her results. She successfully passed on the floor and the beam. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her on the beam, she was amazing, she did it all by herself without falling off and compared to two days before at training when her coach had to hold her hand the entire time she was on the beam. She only missed passing on the bars by one skill the rest she did really well, the vault was a balls up but much better than training, I think she has got the knack of the board and it won't be long before she's got that one under control as well. So we didn't get out badge but OMG she wasn't far off it.

You're a STAR baby girl. Mummy is so very proud of you!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hong Kong with the kids, what Magic

I've been back from Hong Kong for about 3 weeks now, but I still think about our trip daily. It was truly a magical experience with my girls and the perfect celebration for my 30th, I couldn't have asked for anything more.
The hotels we stayed in were all gorgeous, the metro was extremely cheap and easy to use and the food was great. We jam packed a heap in but I don't think I would change a thing, well except for an extra day or two at teh Disney Hollywood Hotel so we could actually explore the grounds and the nature park near by.
There is no way I could write anything that could come close to truly describing what we saw and experienced, so I'm going to leave it up to the pictures.

Jumbo Kingdom

Giant Budha

Grand Casino, Macau

Ocean Park

Avenue of Stars


Petronas Towers and Suria KLCC

We had an amazing time, the girls can't stop talking about it, I can't stop thinking about it and the photos are constantly out, would highly recommend a trip to Hong Kong for the family to anyone. You will not be disappointed.