Sunday, December 19, 2010

Uh oh, guess who went to Ikea today?

Eeeek, honestly I swear every item in my shopping cart leaped in their of it's own accord and simply begged me to take it with me, ok you don't believe that's the way it happened, well in that case it was all Miss M's fault, she made me do it, lol.

Isn't it always the way though, you go to Ikea with a set plan, a set shopping list, in my case I was after photo frames for our prints from Disneyland but I forgot to take them so had no idea what size I needed, not a good start. Needless to say I didn't buy any photo frames but I sure as heck made up for that little misdemeanour.

Our Ikea haul included a playmat for the playroom with roads on it, the entire toy food collection, I love the stuff, it's such an awesome idea and its not plastic, as do my girls, so win win for us all, as well as a big storage box to put it all in. Some more kids cutlery and bowls, seriously somebody in this house must eat the stuff it just seems to disappear. A good size stool for the kids to help me in the kitchen and some new ice cube trays. Oh and lets not forget the silver star to go on top of the Christmas tree.

Like I said it was all Miss M's fault. I can't blame Miss T she was in the kid's play room, or maybe I can, maybe if she was with me she could of helped me fend off all these goodies from jumping into my trolley.

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