Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: Start of Feb and still going strong

Day 32: Gymnastics is back :)

Day 33: my morning tea

Day 34: First day of pre primary, a big school girl now.

Day 35: Outdoor shower time, well actually I was had watering the lawn and Miss T thought that was an excellent opportunity to run around under the hose.

Day 36: Some uber cute puppies, can I take them home please!!!!!!!!!

Day 37: A big bushfire just behind the hills in front of our place, a fair distance from us, but still scary looking at all that smoke and knowing that it has caused so much destruction already.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: week 4ish

Day 24: Sound asleep and laid back Miss M style

Day 25: my newest obsession, can you guess? :)

Day 26: Princess T

Day 27: Gday mate from Hogs Breath

Day 28: Sleeping Beauty

Day 29: Cheeky shopping trolley helper

Day 30: bouncy castle fun

Day 31: my footsies

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cyclone Watch in the city

As a long time north west WA resident I have experienced my fair share of cyclones, frankly it comes with the territory in the top end. You grow up knowing exactly what to do when that cyclone starts to form off the coast and you know exactly what the colour alerts mean.

So here I am down south in the big smoke, well if you can call Perth the big smoke, and we are on cyclone watch. Young Cyclone Bianca has gotten a little lost on her normal path of destruction and is travelling way south and is yet to cross land, this is expected to happen sometime tomorrow. When I heard we were on cyclone watch yesterday I spent a good while giggling to myself, the whole premise, and yes I know cyclones have hit Perth before, 1978 to be percise, just seemed completely ludicrous.

Especially given only days ago I had been reading a online news article on a popular news website about Cyclone Bianca actually originally forming and one of the first comments on this article was from a rather clueless person I imagine but she asked a simple question "will it hit Perth?" this poor girl got absolutely ridiculed for her obvious lack of knowledge on cyclone tracking and so forth and was told to batton down the hatches, well if she took there advice, she is going to be well and truly prepared for Bianca if she does hit us tomorrow. It's just too crazy, as I was giggling at all the comments in reply to this girl's comment, and I wonder what those people who ribbed her are thinking now as they busily prepare for that crazy idea of a cyclone hitting Perth.

I did clean up the yard this morning but still struggling that this is really a cyclone I'm preparing for, I merely cleaned up the backyard. I know if I was still up north everything would be stored away or tied down. So tomorrow morning, as so far cyclone isn't expected to cross the coast until tomorrow afternoon, I'll do what I should have done today if I hadn't been so complacent about the whole bloody thing.

Honestly though if the bereau stuck with typical alert system I would know what to expect, but on all their media alerts they've been advised not to use it. This is crazy as most if not all would know what the cyclone alert system is seriously blue alert, yellow alert and red alert, red obviously been danger, cyclone here now stay inside you numb skull otherwise you'll get blown away with blue alert been still calm but start cleaning up as it won't be long until that cyclone should come through, yellow alert then been Oi!! did you not hear, cyclone heading your way, clean up and get inside. If I knew that I was on blue alert I doubt I would have been as complacent as I have been with these cyclone watch warnings.

This is the latest warning advice
Australian Government Bureau of MeteorologyWestern Australia
Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre
Media: The Standard Emergency Warning Signal should NOT be used with this warning.
Issued at 8:42 pm WST on Saturday 29 January 2011
Bianca will be rapidly weakening as it approaches the coast on Sunday. Tides between Jurien Bay and Cape Naturaliste will be higher than normal and arelikely to rise above the highest astronomical tide level. There is uncertainty about how fast it will be moving as it approaches the coast and therefore there is some risk that Bianca could still have additional impacts on the southwestof WA. People should prepare for: . COASTAL EROSION and FLOODING OF LOW LYING COASTAL AREAS .
DAMAGING WINDS with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour .
HEAVY RAINFALL south of the cyclone with possible LOCALISED FLOODING.
A Cyclone WARNING is current for coastal areas from Jurien Bay to Albany, including Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton.
At 8:00 pm WST Tropical Cyclone Bianca, Category 2 was estimated to be 660 kilometres west northwest of Perth and700 kilometres west northwest of Bunbury and moving southeast at 25 kilometres per hour. Bianca continues to weaken as it begins to move towards the southwest corner ofthe state. As it approaches the coast it will weaken rapidly but there is some risk that Bianca could still have an impact on the southwest on Sunday. DAMAGING WINDS with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour are possible southwest of a line Jurien Bay to Albany. Tides between Jurien Bay and Cape Naturaliste will be higher than normal and are likely to rise above the highest astronomical tide level with ROUGH SEAS, DANGEROUS SURF, COASTAL EROSION and FLOODING of LOW LYING COASTAL AREAS. HEAVY RAINFALL is also possible on the southern side of the system with LOCALISED FLOODING. Extensive flooding is not expected. VERY HIGH to SEVERE FIRE DANGERS are likely near the west coast and through the Central Wheat Belt on Sunday. Please refer to Fire Weather Warning [IDW30000] for further information. FESA advises you to prepare an emergency kit and emergency plan, including are location plan for your family and pets. Store or weigh down loose objects,trim branches around your home and clear gutters and downpipes so they do not overflow after heavy rain. Do not go boating, fishing, swimming or surfing in affected areas. Ensure boats in pens and on moorings are secure. If you live inan area with a severe fire danger you need to have a bushfire survival plan and get ready to act. For SES assistance call 132 500. To report a fire or for a life threatening situation call 000. Keep up to date by calling FESA'sInformation Line on 1300 657 209 or visit
Details of Tropical Cyclone Bianca at 8:00 pm WST:.
Centre located near...... 29.9 degrees South 109.4 degrees East.
Location accuracy........ within 55 kilometres.
Recent movement.......... towards the southeast at 25 kilometres per hour.
Wind gusts near centre... 140 kilometres per hour .
Severity category........ 2.
Central pressure......... 975 hectoPascals
It's now time for me to start taking this thing seriously, I can hear my father scolding me, I should know better than that, no more procrastination, tomorrow morning the backyard will be as bare as a babies bottom and clear of any projectile shit.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

As far as celebrations go, I am of the very low key, low maintenace variety, so it is not surprising to know that besides a bit of house work I did very little today. Just the way I like it.

I did venture down to the shops with kids in tow, Miss M in the ergo on my back, it's a fail safe way to ensure she has an afternoon nap, even if it is only for half an hour. I casually strolled through Woolies picked up the odd thing here and there for BBQ dinner and to take with us later to the the fireworks. Then keeping with the W theme, I did my lap of Big W picked up a couple of super cute Aussie tshirts for the girls to wear at the fireworks, we then went to the cheap shop and loaded up on temporary tattoos. It was then well and truly time to head for home, where I could plunk myself down on the bed and watch movies all afternoon.

Once the BBQ was done and dusted we headed down to the local park for an afternoon of leisurely waiting for the fireworks to start. Took a stroll down by the rides and side shows, first stop was a ticket game, Miss T bought one ticket and walked away with this mammoth of a toy, she was pretty darn pleased with herself. Kids jumped on a few rides, had a few more goes on the ticket game and added to our giant toy collection a giant panda, I was now pretty darn happy too :)

We then grabbed a seat and waited for the fireworks, which were spectacular. It was a great afternoon, really good music, beautiful weather, the kids had a ball and for the most part I was relaxed, couldn't really ask for a much better day.

Happy Australia Day!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365: week 3 and 3/4

Day 17: my new cook book, how I love Jamie
Day 18: My first baby Jasper

Day 19: Miss M as Woody in her big sis' pjs

Day 20: dress up time

Day 21: proudly showing off her completed star chart for week one.

Day 22: I salute you :)

Day 23: table top painting

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Operation: Try my dinner

As some of my readers and good friends would know, I've had a rough trot with getting one of my girls to eat. Miss T is the fussiest person I know, at one point not long after she was 3, I sat down and wrote a list of everything that she would eat and liked. There was a scary trend towards all things white. So much so, when we cook a spaghetti bolognaise, in Miss T's bowl is spaghetti and nothing else, no sauce just the plain old boring spaghetti.

I spoke to a doctor once upon a time and he assured me she was healthy but seriously what nutritional value is she gaining from just eating pasta. Over the years I have attempted to coax, reward and I'm sad to say lose my temper and yell at her to eat or even just try her dinner. Then there are the other times when I just gave up, went with the flow and gave her what she wanted, at least she was eating that way.

The star chart has been used before in this house, with a sticker loving daughter it's always going to be an initial hit, I do believe at that time she was too young to understand the concept beyond, YAY I get to put a sticker on this piece of pink card, which unfortunately meant we lost interest and the meaning was long gone.

Fast forward to last weekend, with Miss T turning 5 next week, I figure she's old enough to well and truly get the concept and understand that for her action their will be a reward at the end. So we had a chat, talked about having to try our dinner, not pushing eating the whole thing yet, that can be the next one, and if we did it every day of the week then she could get a reward. Miss T chose her reward, she wanted a new barbie doll, she had picked out and knew exactly which one she wanted. So I explained to her, on her new quickly devisied star chart (which was recycled on the back of the old one) that she needed to get a sticker for everyday of the week for trying everything one her plate, if she got 7 stickers then we could go get her reward, if she didn't get a sticker for one of the days then she would have to wait until the next week.

Well how do you think she went? The first day went off without a hitch, although she may not have eaten everything on her plate, she did try it all, including the vegies, a few days during the week I believe her motivation to the cause waned and I needed to remind her that if she didn't get a sticker than we wouldn't be going shopping for her barbie doll, a little more coaxing on those days and the food on the plate was tasted.

Rounding out the end of week was yesterday, and I cooked a quick an easy dinner of tortiallas, four bean mix and corn with a small bit of sweet chilli sauce all mixed together and cheese toasted inside the tortillas. It may sound odd but I assure it tastes mighty fine. And as you will see Miss T was quickly demolishing hers. Miss T this week has tried brocoli, corn on the cob, fish, tomato lasagne and beef stroganoff, amongst other things.
I think as much to my surprise as to hers, she has been able to get a sticker for every day this week, even with coaxing and extended dinner times to allow her the courage to try the food on her plate, and she did it, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I know it's just eating but in just one week she is trying things she would have blatantly refused the week before, amazing what a little incentive can do. Here she is, pleased as punch beside her fully stickered chart.
Only thing left for us do, is to go shopping for her reward, this was the exciting bit, she knew exactly where she needed to go in the shop and by the time I made it to the toy section, I have a habit of doing the lap of the shop and the toys are in the back far corner, she was bursting at the seams, she ran straight in grabbed her barbie doll and I don't think her grin could have been any wider, especially when she handed it over to the sales lady for mummy to purchase it.

Here she is proudly showing off her new barbie, which also happens to go alongside Miss T and my current obsession of Paris, we'll get their one day hunny. So with this week done and dusted, Miss T and I sat down and talked about what she would like as a reward for this week, hopefully with seven more stickers on that chart the girls and I will be going to the movies.

Wish us luck, hoping that by the end of the chart I will have a little girl who not only eats her dinner but will try everything that is put in front of her, I know it may take more than the 7 or 8 weeks worth of stickers on my chart but hoping like all hope we get there one day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The weigh in

I've joined the gym, I don't really have a plan with my gym use, the incentive in the start was it was cheaper to go to Zumba as a member then paying $20 a session, seriously high way robbery would be an understatement.

Ultimately I should have a goal.
So here in lies my weigh in.
My starting weight is:

Ideally I would like to be 10 kilos lighter, although the giant white chocolate freckle I'm currently munching on might be my undoing. Need to find some will power to step away from the giant freckle.

My desire would be, to be back down to 70 kg without the big fat jelly bits in the middle as seen in the below very scary starting photos.

No turning back, it's out there, you, my readers are all my witnesses and will be the voice in my head keeping me honest and on track.

See you back here in a month, hopefully I little bit lighter and a lot fitter. Or at the very least slightly more coordinated with my Zumba moves.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Libra, me? No way!!!

Reading the news online the other day it was disturbingly pointed out to me that I am no longer considered a Scorpio but in fact a Libra due to the introduction of a 13th sign and some other stuff that I was too flabbergasted to finish reading after getting all tongue tied on the new star sign Ophiuchus.

I don't know if I am more of a Libra personality or a Scorpio, after doing a quick read online I think I probably a mix of the two, I'm very stubborn, I'm not a very nice person when crossed I'm loyal, can be extremely moody, I'm observant and I don't like to lose all sure traits of the Scorpian. I am however also bossy at times, plan ahead (I love my lists) and pay attention to detail which are all traits of the Libran.

Personally I think and I feel I am a Scorpio, it's what I know, it's what I've grown up being, reading another star sign's horroscope now after 30 years of being a Scorpio would feel plain odd and not real, that said I would still be checking out the scorpio stars anyway.

So that in mind I plan to be sticking my head in the sand, ignoring the change, ignoring the date shift and this stubborn little Scorpian is going to remain exactly that, a Scorpio.

Have your star signs changed? Will you be changing?

Dolly wearing

I'm a huge fan of baby wearing, I love my slings and my ergo and I love nothing more than having my babe close to my heart. There is no better feeling in the world.
Although Miss M almost 3 is not so much of a wee babe any more, she still happily and comfortably enjoys been carried in the ergo. She also loves to carry her babes just like mum in her dolly ergo.
Mind you unlike mum she is doing it whilst being a mermaid, can't say mummy would be able to pull off the mermaid costume in public without been committed.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 - week 2 and a bit

Day 11 - a dodgy self portrait (aka oh shit it is bedtime and I haven't taken a photo yet)

Day 12 - a photo of a photo taken underwater at the girls' swimming class

Day 13 - I love my ergo and sleeping babes

Day 14 - pre dawn on the way home from the airport

Day 15 - I feel like dancing
Day 16 - 36 degree weather and gum boots

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gym Junkie in training

Gym junkie and me, are two words that I would definitely never before put into a sentence together. Things can I'm not turning into a sweat band wearing super fitness freak, goodness gracious I'm not even close to being a gym junkie yet but there is potential, there is always potential.

My delightful mother conned me into going to Zumba classes with my sister, as she wouldn't go alone, sigh, so after checking out the gym and mum being talked into signing up for membership, better value for money after all. I am now the proud (or not so proud, maybe more tentative) owner of a gym membership. All ready to shake my booty in Zumba classes and for however long after class until the jiggling fat stops.

I've been appraised and frankly no surprises well except for the trainers statement just do 10 minutes on the cross trainer whilst I write up a program, 25 minutes later he reappears, ouchie mumma, I had some mega jelly legs after that one and I'm not even going to admit what resistance level I was on. The shame, lol. Weighed about what I thought, and nope I'm not posting it here, if I happen to lose 15 or so kilos as a result of my spanrkly new gym membership over the next 13 months then I definitely won't be complaining.

I've Zumba'd, well I'm not too sure what I was doing can be called Zumba, I have never felt more uncordinated and idiotic in my life. It did get the heart pumping and I was sweating like no tomorrow, extremely dignified all round, well if you consider legs and arms flailing all over the place, dripping sweat and red faced, dignified that is. I've been twice now, still feeling like a royal tool but working on the theory the steps will eventually happen, not too sure how long that theory will take to work though.

I have plans for other classes, they should be interesting, and I'm a glutton for punnishment, I want to take on the cross trainer again on the weekend, just not at the same time as the grannies can't have them out doing me, how embarassing, oh and I'm not kidding there was 80 year old women on the bench press last week and ripping into the cross trainers, it was the oddest sight I'd seen in a while, totally not what you're expecting walking into the gym.

In all, with my first week of member ship I will have gone to the gym four times, now that's just crazy talk. Yeap I can see a gym junkie in the making.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Floods and bushfires

Rising Floodwaters, Brisbane

As mother nature reaks havoc in Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Western Australia, leaving metres of flood water in her wake and reaking such devastation never seen before to the farking arse wipe of an arsonist who has deliberatley caused heart ache and destruction of property by their thoughtless and absolutely stupid act of lighting a bushfire in the absolutely extreme heat that we are facing in Southern Western Australia. I have no words that I can use to describe this person, truly anything I can think of is just not vile enough, I do believe if you are caught you should be handed over to the victims of your fire to be dealt with, maybe then you won't be so farking mindless.

Bushfire, Lake Clifton, WA

My heart truly goes out to everyone that has been effected by the devastating floods and fire. I am fortunate to work within an agency were we are on the front line providing immediate financial aid to the people who have already been through and lost so much. It is heart wrenching hearing their stories but to know that these people are so strong and that the government has acted so swiftly in making this aid available and to be a part of making it possible for these people to access these funds is a truly humbling experience.

Watching the news feels like I am watching a train wreck over and over again, you want to turn it off, turn away but you can't, it can't be possible, it's so surreal. I am here, it's hot not a rain cloud in sight but so much of the country is well and truly under water and there is no end in sight. I wish there was more I could do to help those people, sitting here watching, leaves you feeling so helpless. I know there is the Government flood appeal and other agencies have similar asking for money, but not everyone can do this, I really would like to be able to donate some of my girls clothes and mine for that matter. We have so much and I would really like to be able to provide this to others who right now have nothing. I am currently searching for agencies or companies that are facilitating the transport and delivery of such donations in Western Australia, so far I haven't had much luck. I don't even know where I would start in organising such a venture myself. Can anyone refer in the right direction?

To all my friends and family and all others effected by the flooding in bushfire all other Australia, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love to you all, please stay safe.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ten Pin bowling experience

A trippy lane shot as taken by Miss T

I love ten pin bowling even though I know an 80 year old granny with a walking frame and one hand behind her back could royally kick my butt. That point aside I introduced the game to my two girls on Sunday night, who better to teach them, then someone so completely skill deficient as myself. It was a true family outing with my mum, sister, brother and his girl friend and some friends of mum also there, all up there was 9 of us hitting the lanes. No short cuts for us, we play the game in all it's glory and gutterness, which we saw plenty of, truly we all stink. But we look bloody hilarious whilst trying.

So in fairness, she is only 4 after all and the balls weigh at least half her body weight we allowed Miss T to use the ramp but no bumpers, it's only fair that we all suck as equally as each other. Miss T was very excited to get her first bowling ball down the ramp and on it's way down the lane. But even more excited when she found the pink ball.
We areall saved from action shots of me, it didn't however stop me posing.
or me being nasty and getting everyone else in action, some seriously awesome skills depicted below, although i must give it to my brother, he does have the whole leg thing going on, not that it helped his game.
We did all get our butts royally whipped by a four year old. Not bad for a first ever game, thankfully we all did regain some dignity in the second set when we beat the combined efforts of Miss T and Miss M.
And finally Miss M getting in on the act.
It was a great night and not too expensive either, with a coupon we got 2 games for $15 and that gave us about 2 hours of entertainment and plenty of good laughs, not bad, will have to do it again soon.
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Project 365

Day 4 - Sleeping Beauty (aka Miss M) making sure she takes up as much room as possible in Mummy's bed.

Day 5 - Trampolining in the rain, what splashy fun.

Day 6 - Two smiling happy girls and icecream, all for 30c each.

Day 7 - Big foot, little foot.

Day 8 - my first dingle dangle earrings

Day 9 - bowling superstar
Day 10 - nom nom white chocolate freckle