Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cyclone Watch in the city

As a long time north west WA resident I have experienced my fair share of cyclones, frankly it comes with the territory in the top end. You grow up knowing exactly what to do when that cyclone starts to form off the coast and you know exactly what the colour alerts mean.

So here I am down south in the big smoke, well if you can call Perth the big smoke, and we are on cyclone watch. Young Cyclone Bianca has gotten a little lost on her normal path of destruction and is travelling way south and is yet to cross land, this is expected to happen sometime tomorrow. When I heard we were on cyclone watch yesterday I spent a good while giggling to myself, the whole premise, and yes I know cyclones have hit Perth before, 1978 to be percise, just seemed completely ludicrous.

Especially given only days ago I had been reading a online news article on a popular news website about Cyclone Bianca actually originally forming and one of the first comments on this article was from a rather clueless person I imagine but she asked a simple question "will it hit Perth?" this poor girl got absolutely ridiculed for her obvious lack of knowledge on cyclone tracking and so forth and was told to batton down the hatches, well if she took there advice, she is going to be well and truly prepared for Bianca if she does hit us tomorrow. It's just too crazy, as I was giggling at all the comments in reply to this girl's comment, and I wonder what those people who ribbed her are thinking now as they busily prepare for that crazy idea of a cyclone hitting Perth.

I did clean up the yard this morning but still struggling that this is really a cyclone I'm preparing for, I merely cleaned up the backyard. I know if I was still up north everything would be stored away or tied down. So tomorrow morning, as so far cyclone isn't expected to cross the coast until tomorrow afternoon, I'll do what I should have done today if I hadn't been so complacent about the whole bloody thing.

Honestly though if the bereau stuck with typical alert system I would know what to expect, but on all their media alerts they've been advised not to use it. This is crazy as most if not all would know what the cyclone alert system is seriously blue alert, yellow alert and red alert, red obviously been danger, cyclone here now stay inside you numb skull otherwise you'll get blown away with blue alert been still calm but start cleaning up as it won't be long until that cyclone should come through, yellow alert then been Oi!! did you not hear, cyclone heading your way, clean up and get inside. If I knew that I was on blue alert I doubt I would have been as complacent as I have been with these cyclone watch warnings.

This is the latest warning advice
Australian Government Bureau of MeteorologyWestern Australia
Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre
Media: The Standard Emergency Warning Signal should NOT be used with this warning.
Issued at 8:42 pm WST on Saturday 29 January 2011
Bianca will be rapidly weakening as it approaches the coast on Sunday. Tides between Jurien Bay and Cape Naturaliste will be higher than normal and arelikely to rise above the highest astronomical tide level. There is uncertainty about how fast it will be moving as it approaches the coast and therefore there is some risk that Bianca could still have additional impacts on the southwestof WA. People should prepare for: . COASTAL EROSION and FLOODING OF LOW LYING COASTAL AREAS .
DAMAGING WINDS with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour .
HEAVY RAINFALL south of the cyclone with possible LOCALISED FLOODING.
A Cyclone WARNING is current for coastal areas from Jurien Bay to Albany, including Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton.
At 8:00 pm WST Tropical Cyclone Bianca, Category 2 was estimated to be 660 kilometres west northwest of Perth and700 kilometres west northwest of Bunbury and moving southeast at 25 kilometres per hour. Bianca continues to weaken as it begins to move towards the southwest corner ofthe state. As it approaches the coast it will weaken rapidly but there is some risk that Bianca could still have an impact on the southwest on Sunday. DAMAGING WINDS with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour are possible southwest of a line Jurien Bay to Albany. Tides between Jurien Bay and Cape Naturaliste will be higher than normal and are likely to rise above the highest astronomical tide level with ROUGH SEAS, DANGEROUS SURF, COASTAL EROSION and FLOODING of LOW LYING COASTAL AREAS. HEAVY RAINFALL is also possible on the southern side of the system with LOCALISED FLOODING. Extensive flooding is not expected. VERY HIGH to SEVERE FIRE DANGERS are likely near the west coast and through the Central Wheat Belt on Sunday. Please refer to Fire Weather Warning [IDW30000] for further information. FESA advises you to prepare an emergency kit and emergency plan, including are location plan for your family and pets. Store or weigh down loose objects,trim branches around your home and clear gutters and downpipes so they do not overflow after heavy rain. Do not go boating, fishing, swimming or surfing in affected areas. Ensure boats in pens and on moorings are secure. If you live inan area with a severe fire danger you need to have a bushfire survival plan and get ready to act. For SES assistance call 132 500. To report a fire or for a life threatening situation call 000. Keep up to date by calling FESA'sInformation Line on 1300 657 209 or visit
Details of Tropical Cyclone Bianca at 8:00 pm WST:.
Centre located near...... 29.9 degrees South 109.4 degrees East.
Location accuracy........ within 55 kilometres.
Recent movement.......... towards the southeast at 25 kilometres per hour.
Wind gusts near centre... 140 kilometres per hour .
Severity category........ 2.
Central pressure......... 975 hectoPascals
It's now time for me to start taking this thing seriously, I can hear my father scolding me, I should know better than that, no more procrastination, tomorrow morning the backyard will be as bare as a babies bottom and clear of any projectile shit.

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