Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gym Junkie in training

Gym junkie and me, are two words that I would definitely never before put into a sentence together. Things can I'm not turning into a sweat band wearing super fitness freak, goodness gracious I'm not even close to being a gym junkie yet but there is potential, there is always potential.

My delightful mother conned me into going to Zumba classes with my sister, as she wouldn't go alone, sigh, so after checking out the gym and mum being talked into signing up for membership, better value for money after all. I am now the proud (or not so proud, maybe more tentative) owner of a gym membership. All ready to shake my booty in Zumba classes and for however long after class until the jiggling fat stops.

I've been appraised and frankly no surprises well except for the trainers statement just do 10 minutes on the cross trainer whilst I write up a program, 25 minutes later he reappears, ouchie mumma, I had some mega jelly legs after that one and I'm not even going to admit what resistance level I was on. The shame, lol. Weighed about what I thought, and nope I'm not posting it here, if I happen to lose 15 or so kilos as a result of my spanrkly new gym membership over the next 13 months then I definitely won't be complaining.

I've Zumba'd, well I'm not too sure what I was doing can be called Zumba, I have never felt more uncordinated and idiotic in my life. It did get the heart pumping and I was sweating like no tomorrow, extremely dignified all round, well if you consider legs and arms flailing all over the place, dripping sweat and red faced, dignified that is. I've been twice now, still feeling like a royal tool but working on the theory the steps will eventually happen, not too sure how long that theory will take to work though.

I have plans for other classes, they should be interesting, and I'm a glutton for punnishment, I want to take on the cross trainer again on the weekend, just not at the same time as the grannies can't have them out doing me, how embarassing, oh and I'm not kidding there was 80 year old women on the bench press last week and ripping into the cross trainers, it was the oddest sight I'd seen in a while, totally not what you're expecting walking into the gym.

In all, with my first week of member ship I will have gone to the gym four times, now that's just crazy talk. Yeap I can see a gym junkie in the making.

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