Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

As far as celebrations go, I am of the very low key, low maintenace variety, so it is not surprising to know that besides a bit of house work I did very little today. Just the way I like it.

I did venture down to the shops with kids in tow, Miss M in the ergo on my back, it's a fail safe way to ensure she has an afternoon nap, even if it is only for half an hour. I casually strolled through Woolies picked up the odd thing here and there for BBQ dinner and to take with us later to the the fireworks. Then keeping with the W theme, I did my lap of Big W picked up a couple of super cute Aussie tshirts for the girls to wear at the fireworks, we then went to the cheap shop and loaded up on temporary tattoos. It was then well and truly time to head for home, where I could plunk myself down on the bed and watch movies all afternoon.

Once the BBQ was done and dusted we headed down to the local park for an afternoon of leisurely waiting for the fireworks to start. Took a stroll down by the rides and side shows, first stop was a ticket game, Miss T bought one ticket and walked away with this mammoth of a toy, she was pretty darn pleased with herself. Kids jumped on a few rides, had a few more goes on the ticket game and added to our giant toy collection a giant panda, I was now pretty darn happy too :)

We then grabbed a seat and waited for the fireworks, which were spectacular. It was a great afternoon, really good music, beautiful weather, the kids had a ball and for the most part I was relaxed, couldn't really ask for a much better day.

Happy Australia Day!!!

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