Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ten Pin bowling experience

A trippy lane shot as taken by Miss T

I love ten pin bowling even though I know an 80 year old granny with a walking frame and one hand behind her back could royally kick my butt. That point aside I introduced the game to my two girls on Sunday night, who better to teach them, then someone so completely skill deficient as myself. It was a true family outing with my mum, sister, brother and his girl friend and some friends of mum also there, all up there was 9 of us hitting the lanes. No short cuts for us, we play the game in all it's glory and gutterness, which we saw plenty of, truly we all stink. But we look bloody hilarious whilst trying.

So in fairness, she is only 4 after all and the balls weigh at least half her body weight we allowed Miss T to use the ramp but no bumpers, it's only fair that we all suck as equally as each other. Miss T was very excited to get her first bowling ball down the ramp and on it's way down the lane. But even more excited when she found the pink ball.
We areall saved from action shots of me, it didn't however stop me posing.
or me being nasty and getting everyone else in action, some seriously awesome skills depicted below, although i must give it to my brother, he does have the whole leg thing going on, not that it helped his game.
We did all get our butts royally whipped by a four year old. Not bad for a first ever game, thankfully we all did regain some dignity in the second set when we beat the combined efforts of Miss T and Miss M.
And finally Miss M getting in on the act.
It was a great night and not too expensive either, with a coupon we got 2 games for $15 and that gave us about 2 hours of entertainment and plenty of good laughs, not bad, will have to do it again soon.
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  1. fun. I love taking the family bowling (especially with coupons). Your scores are great. We use bumpers and still barely break 100!

  2. Oh - Dawson LOVES bowling! His game was probably around 18months old; we don't get to play that often, it's a hike to our nearest alley. He loved that there were so many balls, all the flashing lights, the oooh as the ball runs down the lane and the oooOOOOooooo as the pins fall down!
    I bowl so badly I did not at all mind him taking my turns - he probably scored better than me anyway! ;)