Thursday, January 20, 2011

The weigh in

I've joined the gym, I don't really have a plan with my gym use, the incentive in the start was it was cheaper to go to Zumba as a member then paying $20 a session, seriously high way robbery would be an understatement.

Ultimately I should have a goal.
So here in lies my weigh in.
My starting weight is:

Ideally I would like to be 10 kilos lighter, although the giant white chocolate freckle I'm currently munching on might be my undoing. Need to find some will power to step away from the giant freckle.

My desire would be, to be back down to 70 kg without the big fat jelly bits in the middle as seen in the below very scary starting photos.

No turning back, it's out there, you, my readers are all my witnesses and will be the voice in my head keeping me honest and on track.

See you back here in a month, hopefully I little bit lighter and a lot fitter. Or at the very least slightly more coordinated with my Zumba moves.


  1. We're roughly the same weight and I'm working at getting it off!

    Will be cheering you on :D

  2. Ahem...aren't you due for an update post?!

    BTW, you have the Zumba moves down pretty well! You are way more coordinated than I am!