Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Year, New Plan, New Me!!!

I've never been one for making new year resolutions and I'm not really about to start now.  I am thinking however it is time to make some changes in my life. 

I want to work out where I want to go with my training and gym, I've been doing the same program for quite some time now and as I have been financially committed to it, it has meant I go pretty much every session I can, even when I am having those CBF days.  If I am to move away from this and look at some self based programs I am scared that on those CBF days, my lack of motivation will win out.  I am keen to work on my muscle base and am quite fascinated by the body building sides of things, well minus that hideous bright orange tan anyways.  I've also been toying with the idea of running a full marathon.  I'm not cocky enough to believe I can fly by the seed of my pants and run a full marathon on no training like I have done with the half marathon.  I know I will need to get some kilometres and conditioning under my belt before hand.

I want to be stricter with my budget, save a little bit more and simply spend wiser.  If I can finally get rid of a bit of plastic or two I will be extremely ecstatic as well.  My budget is definitely going to be quite tight next year.  Especially given that in addition to the sports my girls already currently participate in, my eldest will be adding music lessons to her schedule if she is lucky enough to get a place from her limited availability (fingers crossed with that one).  

The other thing I really want to focus on is less screen time and we are currently doing that a lot more recently, with the television only usually coming on later in the evening or afternoon on the weekend.  I want to make a concerted effort to myself to limit the time that I am spent in front of a computer and to make a promise to myself that the computer will not be turned on whilst I am spending time with the girls, unless we are researching something online together.  I'd love to make sure that we continue to participate in fun runs (or fun walks as my Miss 5 calls them) and try new activities together.  I am looking forward to taking the girls out on the water and trying standup paddle boarding. 

It all seems very straight forward and easy, lets hope so. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to crack the whip

My will power has pretty much up and left me when it comes to all things food.  I have definitely been making the wrong choices and lots of them over the last few weeks and it is really starting to show.  It is seriously time to crack the whip and bring in the reigns again.  I here by give anyone who sees me permission to slap me if they see me eating or drinking something that I really shouldn't be.  I need to stop the kilos creeping up and get them back onto that downward slide again.  Today's jump on the scales was definitely a wake up call, talk about OMG shit what have I done.  Too fark I've got some serious work to do. 

A good week of good choices and lots of water will pretty much see me back at a weight that won't see me running for the hills.  So that is my goal for the remainder of this week.  No more chocolate or sweets for that matter, for the rest of the week.  I well and truly had my quota today.  I am going to track everything that passes my lips on my fitness pal, so I am accountable and can monitor what I am eating.  If things don't seem to be budging I may even go back and work out my points and do an at home version of weight watchers again, to keep my food and drink intake under control.

I also plan on doing a bit of exercise every day.  So far I have things scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  For the remaining days I plan to go for a run.  I need to get some kilometres under my belt as it has been ages since I have gone for a run and I have fun runs coming up which are going to kill me if I don't start doing something.  I also won't have a hope in hell in getting my goal of running a half in under 2 hours or even been able to attempt a full marathon if I continue to procrastinate about it.  Starting tomorrow, rain, hail or shine, I will be setting the alarm, pulling on the running gear and going for a run.  I even cleaned off the treadmill, which for quite some time now had been doubling as a second wardrobe, shamefull I know.  Tomorrow however I will be venturing out in the great out doors.

On that note time to go to bed to ensure I actually get out of bed tomorrow morning and go for this run.  No more excuses, time for action.  No more coasting through, time to amp it up and reap the rewards.  Bring it!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

The build up to Easter is always so much fun, I love that my girls still believe in the magic of the day but also understand the true meaning behind what Easter is.  Taleisha asked me over and over if she can eat breakfast for Easter again this year like last year.  I told her that the Easter Bunny wasn't bringing chocolate this year but carrots.  Lucky for her that the only carrots the Easter bunny bought were Lindt chocolate carrots.
 We had to wait a little while for my sleepy head Mackenzie to wake up so the Easter hunt could begin, but when she did finally rise, she was so excited running around her room finding all her eggs that she just couldn't put any of them down.  Oh and one accidentally steps on their bunny rabbits ears, we must then devour it.  Nice work Mackenzie.
After we managed to rise from our chocolate haze and got ourselves all dressed, we headed down to Rockingham to enjoy the day by the beach.  It was a gorgeous day to spend by the water, especially for my water loving children.  If they weren't digging holes in the sand or splashing in the water, they were both upside down practicing their handstands and cartwheels.  I was mighty impressed that I finally managed to snap a shot of Taleisha fully upright.  Go me :)

 No trip to the beach would not be complete without fish and chips and I swear, the best potato wedges in the city. 

Once all the fun at the beach was finished we made our way across to the Rockingham Easter Carnival, were the girls enjoyed an overly priced game or two and won their prizes.  Managed to escape show bag less by promising that we will visit the Kelmscott show this year.  Better pencil that in my diary as Taleisha has an amazing memory and I'm sure she will bring it back up.  The girls enjoyed watching the dances and when one visits the show they must get fairy floss, especially when the shop is a giant blow up castle. 
We definitely had an amazing Easter this year, good times spent with family, lots of chocolate and lots of sunshine.  Perfect.  Couldn't ask for anything more.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My little swimming super star

Taleisha, my dear miss 7 competed in her Swimming Club Championship day today and she definitely made me the proudest mummy on the planet.  She was sensational.  
 My morning pep talk for her consisted of swim your best and have fun, and she did just that.  We're constantly talking about it doesn't matter were you place, first or last, as long as you tried your best and you had fun, then that's all that counts.  She swims in the under 9 category and there were 7 girls all up in this category with her being the youngest, so she's in a tough category.  Never the less she swam out of her skin today and she was so proud of herself.  As was I, I think I may have mentioned that once or twice already.
First swim of the day 25m Butterfly, she finished in a time of 44.87seconds, not a PB but she wasn't far off, just a mere 8 / 100th of a second. 
 Proudly showing off her 3rd place ribbon :)
 50m Backstroke, finished in a time of 1.05.93, a PB by half a second.
 50m Breaststroke, finished in a time of 1.26.93, a PB by a whopping 10 seconds.
 50m freestyle, finished in a time of 1.04.49, a PB by 6 seconds.
 And the best little side kick anyone can have, their little sister.  Definitely Number 1 there Miss Mackenzie, as well as been such a good sport and spending all morning at the pool on the side lines.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A glorious day

Sometimes the best days arise out of nothing and today was one of those days.  There was no et plans, just went with the flow and things just seemed to work.

I met my girls at Mcdonalds for Breakfast with their Nanna and Aunty, as the girls had spent the night there so their mummy could let her hair down and go out and have a drink or two.  After breakfast the girls and I went to my sister's gymnastics training before heading home so Taleisha could scoff a quick lunch and head off to her own gymnastics training.

Whilst Taleisha was working her backside off at gymnastics, Mackenzie and I made our way to the Little Scribblers Festival in Thornlie.  Mind you our entrance was delayed whilst Mackenzie had a long overdue snooze in the car and we had to wait for Nanna and Aunty Kim and the bubs to find us. 
Mackenzie had a good time, she enjoyed feeding the farm animals, even if herself and her aunty were a little over cautious of the llama every time it went anywhere near them.  I do believe this little black lamb got spoilt and received her entire cup of feed.
She also got to paint on the big mural which she thought was pretty cool.  She got to meet the eco fairies and made a tiara garland.  She got spoilt with a new rainbow spiral head band from Nanna and a fair few freebies ranging from bananas and plums to scented textas and playdoh.   I would have to say that I will be filing the tiara garland idea away as a future party activity, as it was so simple but had hundreds of kids entertained.  It consists of wire twisted into a size suitable for the person and strips of fabric which you then just wrap and tie onto it, truly to simple. 

 For lunch we ducked into the Barbagello Stadium and caught ourselves the end game of an absolute butt kicking of a baseball game, final score was 11 to 1 whilst we ate our burgers and chips from the kiosk.  We've decided to add going to a Perth Heat game onto our one day list.  We then washed that healthy treat down with some soft serve ice cream from the Mr Whippy van.  Cutest thing ever was watching the twins when they were given their own cones for the first time and watching them paint themselves in their icecream and doing what must be instinct to all children and eat the icecream from the cone first.

It was homeward bound after that, where we were reunited with Taleisha.  It was then time for a tiny bit of scrap booking, she's been doing a page or two every weekend and her album is almost finished and I must say it is looking really good, lots of memories for her to look back onto.  She's also inspiring me to pull and dust off my scrap booking stuff. 

Lego assembly was next on the list, as she has been hanging out to put her new sets together since she received them in the mail for her birthday.  She was so proud of herself too as she put both sets together by herself.  
Finished the night off with pizzas as I was too lazy to cook dinner.  Actually make that tired.  Lack of sleep has definitely caught up with me this afternoon.  Pizzas and movies though, perfect way to finish off such a good day. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My goals for 2013

Whilst I was having my aimless no goal sook the other day I stumbled across this body building website that listed 4 goals for 2013 and it really struck accord with me.  Especially given goal number 2 was something that I had been mulling around in my head with.

The four goals were:
1. 20 chin ups or pull ups
2. 100 push ups
3. 10 pistols (which from reading the article look like a single leg squat but I could be wrong)
4. 2 minute static back extension

Practically some of these goals are a little way off for me, that is not to say that I won't be aiming for them but I will use these as more long term goals and will set some mini goals first and eventually build up and blitz these numbers.  Chin ups at the moment I can usually get two out before my body resembles a lifeless hanging sack.  I think my first goal when it comes to this would be aiming for 5 pull ups.  For my push ups at my last fitness test I managed 33 push ups on my toes before resorting to my knees.  So for my next term my goal is 50 push ups on my toes.  My back muscles are pretty mediocre so I really want to work on those at the moment as I find they let me down first when doing a lot of exercises, especially the ab ones.  I figure once I get the back muscles up to scratch some of the other exercises that I find I struggle on should be a piece of piss.

Whilst I'm focusing on my back this is where I want to aim most my work.  The above photo is of me now and I want to seriously work on toning and shaping my upper back.  Something a little more  like the photo below would be awesome.  My upper body strength is probably a little bit too much on the light weight side of things.  So my aim or goal or however you want to word it is to work on increasing my overall muscle mass and strength in this area. 
I would also like to drop my weight down to about 65 kilograms and maintain that weight.  At this point that would require about a 3 kilogram loss, which is not to big an ask.  Measurement wise my real focus is on my chest, I want to be able to decrease those measurements as much as humanly possible, at least 5 centimetres would be lovely.  I will not complain if the centimetres fall off anywhere else either, the more the merrier.  I'm going to aim to drink more water and reduce the amount of soft drink, including all that sugar free stuff that I drink.  I'm pretty happy with my eating as a whole, although I know that I can cut back on the sugary sweets.  I will endeavour to reduce the consumption of all things naughty but nice to three days a week with the ultimate aim to one day a week.

Some other things I would like to aim for if I get the opportunity to do them through out the year is to run a half marathon in under 2 hours.  Run and complete a full marathon, time completely irrelevant, if I even manage to finish the full marathon I would be over the moon.  Ideally to compete in as many fun runs and obstacle courses as my budget and schedule allows me too.

I am strong in my body and I'm going to be even stronger in my mind.  I'm going to work bloody hard and I know that I can do this and more.  I am going to be fitter, faster and stronger this year than ever before.  I am going to be the best version of me.  2013 the year of the Kat :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goal setting

For the past 6 months I have been participating in a program called Gladiator School at my local gym.  We are just finishing up the first term for the year and leading into term 2 with the focus been on our individual goals.  The problem for me is I don't know what my fitness or health goals are anymore.

In the past 12 months I have achieved so much, so much more than I ever believed possible.  I lost 20 kilograms.  I ran a half marathon, the whole way non stop.  I've competed in a multitude of fun runs and obstacles courses.  Exercise is now a part of my everyday life.  My diet is not perfect but neither am I, I like to think that I enjoy everything in moderation. 

Where to from here?  What do I want to do?  I'm maintaining my weight within 2 kilograms of my goal weight, although those do tend to be upward of my goal and I'd happily drop those and another kilo or two but it is not really a goal that I'm driving towards, more an end product of cleaning up my diet and cutting back on those cakes and chocolate treats I keep sneaking in (Ammy if you're reading this, ignore that last sentence, there was no cakes, honest :) )  I'd love to be able to work towards a flat stomach with an awesome six pack but thanks to my gorgeous girls and my caesarean section first time round, I'm left with some flappy skin that only a surgeon and a knife can fix.  I call it my cliff hanger.

I can't put my finger on what my drive is, what I want to work towards.  I could increase my weights or look at running a full marathon but nothing I think of, puts that fire in my belly like what I was working towards last year.  I need that something that will reignite my motivation and focus that I had last year.  That's not to say that I have turned into a slack arse, I still train hard, I'm just not training towards anything, so feel a little directionless.  I need some divine intervention.  I need some direction. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Budgetting for Japan

Japan is still a pipe dream, one that I would love to see realised in February next year.  I've taken three weeks annual leave at the start of February.  Perfectly coinciding with Winter in the Northern hemisphere and the Sapporo Winter Festival.  I'm a bit of visual person and I love lists.  I've started to compile a list of how much I think I will need to budget for the trip.  I'm planning on looking at budget, more back packing style accommodation where possible to save dollars.  As much as I love a hotel with a pool, given it is winter and snowing, I'm pretty certain we won't be needing the use of a pool, thus saving some dollars. 

image credit -

This is my list so far and as yet I haven't priced everything, still researching.  Will endeavour to add to it as I go along.

Japan budget
Airfares Perth to Tokyo ~ $2800
Tokyo accommodation (5 nights) ~
Osaka accommodation (2 nights) ~
Kyoto accommodation (1 nights) ~
Sapporo accommodation (4 nights) ~
Transport between cities ~
Disneyland entry ~ $350
Universal studios entry ~ $170
Ski pass ~
Spending money ~ $1500 - $2000

Total ~

Other things I'm looking at and need to price are the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, or even the Japan rail pass, which would hopefully cover all our travel whilst in Japan.  Still need to confirm nights in each city, which will be a work in progress whilst I read up and decide on what we're going to see and do.  As much as I would love to visit everything, I need to make sure that it is enjoyable for the girls and myself, as I'd hate to be dragging them around behind me everywhere bored out of their brains.

Would love any hints and tips on cheap but good accommodation in those cities, as well as anything you would recommend that we see or do whilst in Japan, keeping in mind it is myself and my two girls who will be 5 and 7 years old at time of travel.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo a day - March

It is March, the first day of Autumn, bye bye Summer.  Hot horrid weather, please be gone. 
This month I pledge to participate in Fat Mum Slim Photo a day challenge.  
 Wish me luck :)

This is my submission for the 1st March.

L is for....
Legs :)

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, otherwise I will adhocly post to my blog.  Just can't promise it will be every day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow it is.

Sapporo Snow Festival -Photo Credit -

Earlier this month we returned from our holiday in Bangkok.  As one holiday ends another starts to be planned.  I asked Taleisha where she would like to go for our next holiday and she said the snow.  Now I have no idea how I managed to make the next jump but the first destination that came to mind when she said snow, was Japan. 

Not your normal earmarked snow destination but Japan is on my wish list, has been for years, it has this exotic appeal and in the alps it also has snow.  A little bit of everything for everyone.  Upon researching I found this winter snow festival in Sapporo, which I'm sure everyone has known about for years, where they make huge ice and snow sculptures of famous buildings, characters and landmarks, anything really.  I'm certain going to the Snow festival would well and truly tick the snow box for Taleisha.

The best part about planning and researching is that you can dream about going to all the sights, budget doesn't need to come into just yet.  I'm still daydreaming.  I would love to be able to see us making the trek over in February next year in time to experience the festival in Sapporo.  The only limitation will be finances as this trip will be a little longer and a little more expensive than our recent trip to Bangkok. 

Money or no money, doesn't stop the fun of the research, my internet browser has a number of pages open for Japanese sights.  I've downloaded Japanese travel phrase books to the Ipad and my current book of choice is the Lonely Planet Guide to Japan.  I love travel brochures but appears my local travel agent doesn't stock any for Japan and in general there seems to be minimal out there.

What are your must see places or things to do in Japan?

How I hate renting

I know renting has it's positives.  There is the flexibility for one, if something is faulty I just call the agent and they organise someone to fix it, no running around finding workman for me.  However it definitely has it's draw backs and the main reason why I hate it the most are rent inspections and nit picking property managers.

I would like to think that I am a reasonable person and the house is kept in a lived in but good condition.  Let's put in plainly the walls aren't falling down around me, or more pointedly I'm not putting holes in the walls or anything like that.  It's just a run of your mill lived in surburban house.  Nothing out of the ordinary, no Today Tonight material here.

We had a house inspection last week and I did the extra clean that that generally requires.  House looked neat and tidy, as much as one can with two little people running around behind you.  I knew that my property manager would find something to bitch about, there is seriously no pleasing this woman.  But I can tell you right now that I did not expect the page and a half letter from them complaining about this and that.  Some of the things have been that way since we moved in four years ago.  Plus I'm pretty certain I missed the fine print on this whinge but those pools that nearly man and his dog has, the blow up ones, well apparently I need to get the property owners permission first.  News to me.  It pretty much turned my good mood sour.

I've decided from now on in, that rental inspections will now be conducted in my presence.  If there is a problem they can let me know in person.  No more of this rubbish.  I don't need the stress.

I wonder if you can request your property manager be changed?  When we first moved in our property manager was awesome, then she was promoted and was replaced with this winner.  Two years of this has worn extremely thin.  Over it!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Taleisha at 7

Taleisha @ 7
Nickname - monkey
Three words that describe you? Swimmer, gymnast, love
If you had one wish it would be - to be a good painter
When you grow up, what would you like to be? A painter
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? England & Paris
The thing you do best - Swimming
Best thing you learn about at school - Music
Coolest person in the whole world - Mummy
Best friend- Bobbie & Hayley
Best memory - My holiday to Bangkok
Favourite food - Chocolate, cake, baked beans and potato
Least favourite food - boogers
Favourite thing you like to do - drawing
Favourite sport to play - Swimming
Favourite TV show - Peppa pig
Favourite thing to wear - Dresses
Favourite colour - Purple and blue
Current favourite song - Call me maybe and So What, pink
Book that you are loving right now - Cat in the hat, Dr Seuss
Favourite birthday present - Pink Barbie remote control car
What you did on your birthday - Went to Adventure world with my family and went on the water slides.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Big Cull

When it comes to my girls, I will admit I am a hoarder.  I box up all their cute outfits and store them in the cupboard to the point that there is almost no room for their current clothes.  Then there is the reams of art work that have come home from day care, kindy and school and then all those little masterpieces that they have made at home or drawn especially for me.  I really can't say why I've kept onto the clothes, my baby is now 4 and as much as I would never say no to another child, this is definitely not on the horizon anytime soon and it would be my luck the next bundle of joy would be a boy so all those gorgeous little dresses would be of no use anyway.

Today I pulled on my big girl boots and pulled all the boxes and bags out of Mackenzie's wardrobe.  All up their were 9 boxes (the ones the bulk nappies come in) and about 5 or 6 fabric shopping bags full of clothes, shoes and a few other random bits and bots.  Quite a little collection, if I don't say so myself that is.  The entire lot managed to engulf my lounge room floor.

I set out with a brutal mindset and with the plan to cull as much as I could possibly part with.  OK I probably only pulled my big girl boots part of the way up.  I had three piles, one was the keep pile, the second was for my sister and the last was for the op shop.  I can honestly say I was quite proud of myself with today's efforts.  The op shop pile now has two large bin liner bags and two plastic shopping bags full of clothes, plus three nappy bags I had managed to accumulate over the last 7 years.  My sister's pile has one large plus 5 plastic shopping bags full of clothes.  It feels so much lighter looking at those bags of clothes and the empty boxes that will not be going back in the wardrobe.

Amazingly through the process I stumbled across a box of size 4 clothes that had not yet made it into Mackenzie's wardrobe.  It really is a good thing that she is such a wee little thing and is really only starting to go into size 4s now, just a couple of months short of her 5th birthday.  Now I just need to find room for them in her draws. 

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the art boxes.  I'm thinking I'm going to take photos of their artwork and turn the loose pieces into photo books.  Not too sure what I'm going to do with the portfolio/journals they bring home at the end of the year.  May just keep them as is for now and tackle that decision another day, like when the girls are 30.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Taleisha

Dear Taleisha,

It amazes me that seven years ago I was only just embarking on this wonderful journey called motherhood.  And here we are seven years on and I have an amazingly funny, smart, cheeky, generous and gorgeous seven year old girl who lights up my life everyday.  (Well except for those moments when you are driving me up the wall with your stubbornness :) Can't imagine where you inherited that one from.)

You amaze me at your desire to soak everything in, constantly writing and drawing in your numerous notebooks.  Reading everything you can get your hands on.  Your love for your sister and those tender moments where you play together so peacefully and contently make my heart melt.  Your willingness to try, you may not be the best at what you do but it is a dream to watch you get out there and give it your all and have fun doing it.  You make me so proud every day, watching you grow and blossom is truly the best gift I have ever received.

Happy Birthday my darling girl, dream big baby girl, the world is your playground.


Taleisha's birthday was earlier last week, it is so much fun watching Taleisha open her presents, she is so expressive, she just gets so excited and her OMG faces are a riot. 

We also had the pleasure of making cupcakes for the school class for her birthday, which I usually make from scratch but I had a major case of the lazies and bought a couple  packet mixes.  Start making them after I have put the girls in to bed, get the first batch in the oven and realise there is no icing mix in the boxes.  Damn.  Kind of defeats the purpose of my laziness if I need to make icing.  Put in a mercy dash call to my mum and my sister, whom, bless them, made the trek to the shops for me and grabbed some icing in a can so my laziness could continue unabated.  Cupcakes turned out to be a huge success with her class, they did look mighty good if I don't say so myself.  On the way home from school Taleisha commented that it had been her best birthday ever.   <3 br="">

A little tradition of ours, is that the birthday girl gets to choose what to have or where to go for their birthday for dinner.  Last year was sausages and baked beans, yum yum, this year she did up the request a little bit and we were all treated to a dinner out at Sizzlers where we managed to stuff ourselves silly.  The only time she is able to get away with having plain spaghetti, bread roll and wedges for dinner, talk about carb heavy.

As we had only recently returned from overseas we decided not to have a birthday party for her this year but instead organised for the family to go to Adventure World on the weekend.  It happened to co-incide with the same day as my color run.  It also happened to be the coldest day we had had in forever, considering we have been sweltering in temperatures in the high 30s and the day we go to a water park the weather is in the mid 20s.  Didn't stop us having a ball going up and down the water slides, we were just all a light shade of blue, in my case literally as I had done the color run in the morning lol.

Here are a selection of photos from Taleisha's birthday celebrations.
 OMG it's a pink remote control car
 Enjoying her dinner at Sizzlers, with the token five peas to keep mum happy, not that she ate them.
 Taleisha's birthday cake.
 The girls at Adventure world, ready to get wet.
 For ever my poser, enjoying a ride on the dragon.
 Another pose from my Miss 7.
My new favourite family photo :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Happiest 5km on the planet

On Sunday I had the joy of experiencing the happiest 5km on the planet, the Swisse Color Run.  This run definitely lived up to all the hype.  It would have to be the easiest 5km I have run in quite a long time and I'm pretty certain I was smiling the entire way.

If you've never heard of this run before, it involves thousands of people wearing lovely crisp white clothes lining up to then have people spray and throw different coloured paint powders over you as you pass different markers.  By the time you cross the finish line you are a mutlicoloured rainbow from head to toe.  Or in my case a blue smurf that not even the day spent at Adventure world managed to shift.  Required a good deal of soaping to remove the colour.

The 2km mark - the pink zone (the zone my girls picked to watch of course)
 Yippee I finished and OMG look at me, I'm a Rainbow :)
Posing with Color Run Runicorn

I have to put a huge shout out to the Swisse Color Run team for bringing such an awesome event to the West Coast.  It lived up to all it promised and ran so smoothly and what a riot of fun it was.  I will definitely be back next year and will be dragging my mum around the course as well. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bangkok Holiday

Love is taking yourself and your two gorgeous girls on your first overseas trip on your own to fast paced Bangkok.  What an amazing experience it was!!!!

The girls and I went to Bangkok at the end of last month and spent a couple of days seeing as much as we could, running around like headless chooks before heading to the slower paced Roi-Et for few days for a good friends wedding ceremony and reception.  Then back to Bangkok for three more days of rapid sight seeing.

We walked lots.  We saw lots.  We ate lots.  We shopped lots.  And we took a million photos.

We were kissed by seals.

We rode on elephants.

We saw temples.

And we patted tigers.

The wedding was gorgeous, I may not have understood a single word of the ceremony or the reception but the LOVE was contagious.

 Big sloppy kisses for us
 Sawasdee McDonalds
 The girls enjoying a tuk tuk ride
 The girls and I on the photo bench at the wedding
The girls and I at the Bridge over the River Kwai
 Brrrrr it's freezing at Snow Town Dreamworld
 The girls and I riding an elephant
 Taleisha hugging a tiger at the tiger temple
The Girls and I at the reclining bubhha

All in all it was an amazing experience.  Looking forward to planning the next one.  We're thinking heading to the snow, maybe Japan.  Planning is of course half the fun.