Monday, February 18, 2013

Bangkok Holiday

Love is taking yourself and your two gorgeous girls on your first overseas trip on your own to fast paced Bangkok.  What an amazing experience it was!!!!

The girls and I went to Bangkok at the end of last month and spent a couple of days seeing as much as we could, running around like headless chooks before heading to the slower paced Roi-Et for few days for a good friends wedding ceremony and reception.  Then back to Bangkok for three more days of rapid sight seeing.

We walked lots.  We saw lots.  We ate lots.  We shopped lots.  And we took a million photos.

We were kissed by seals.

We rode on elephants.

We saw temples.

And we patted tigers.

The wedding was gorgeous, I may not have understood a single word of the ceremony or the reception but the LOVE was contagious.

 Big sloppy kisses for us
 Sawasdee McDonalds
 The girls enjoying a tuk tuk ride
 The girls and I on the photo bench at the wedding
The girls and I at the Bridge over the River Kwai
 Brrrrr it's freezing at Snow Town Dreamworld
 The girls and I riding an elephant
 Taleisha hugging a tiger at the tiger temple
The Girls and I at the reclining bubhha

All in all it was an amazing experience.  Looking forward to planning the next one.  We're thinking heading to the snow, maybe Japan.  Planning is of course half the fun.

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