Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Taleisha

Dear Taleisha,

It amazes me that seven years ago I was only just embarking on this wonderful journey called motherhood.  And here we are seven years on and I have an amazingly funny, smart, cheeky, generous and gorgeous seven year old girl who lights up my life everyday.  (Well except for those moments when you are driving me up the wall with your stubbornness :) Can't imagine where you inherited that one from.)

You amaze me at your desire to soak everything in, constantly writing and drawing in your numerous notebooks.  Reading everything you can get your hands on.  Your love for your sister and those tender moments where you play together so peacefully and contently make my heart melt.  Your willingness to try, you may not be the best at what you do but it is a dream to watch you get out there and give it your all and have fun doing it.  You make me so proud every day, watching you grow and blossom is truly the best gift I have ever received.

Happy Birthday my darling girl, dream big baby girl, the world is your playground.


Taleisha's birthday was earlier last week, it is so much fun watching Taleisha open her presents, she is so expressive, she just gets so excited and her OMG faces are a riot. 

We also had the pleasure of making cupcakes for the school class for her birthday, which I usually make from scratch but I had a major case of the lazies and bought a couple  packet mixes.  Start making them after I have put the girls in to bed, get the first batch in the oven and realise there is no icing mix in the boxes.  Damn.  Kind of defeats the purpose of my laziness if I need to make icing.  Put in a mercy dash call to my mum and my sister, whom, bless them, made the trek to the shops for me and grabbed some icing in a can so my laziness could continue unabated.  Cupcakes turned out to be a huge success with her class, they did look mighty good if I don't say so myself.  On the way home from school Taleisha commented that it had been her best birthday ever.   <3 br="">

A little tradition of ours, is that the birthday girl gets to choose what to have or where to go for their birthday for dinner.  Last year was sausages and baked beans, yum yum, this year she did up the request a little bit and we were all treated to a dinner out at Sizzlers where we managed to stuff ourselves silly.  The only time she is able to get away with having plain spaghetti, bread roll and wedges for dinner, talk about carb heavy.

As we had only recently returned from overseas we decided not to have a birthday party for her this year but instead organised for the family to go to Adventure World on the weekend.  It happened to co-incide with the same day as my color run.  It also happened to be the coldest day we had had in forever, considering we have been sweltering in temperatures in the high 30s and the day we go to a water park the weather is in the mid 20s.  Didn't stop us having a ball going up and down the water slides, we were just all a light shade of blue, in my case literally as I had done the color run in the morning lol.

Here are a selection of photos from Taleisha's birthday celebrations.
 OMG it's a pink remote control car
 Enjoying her dinner at Sizzlers, with the token five peas to keep mum happy, not that she ate them.
 Taleisha's birthday cake.
 The girls at Adventure world, ready to get wet.
 For ever my poser, enjoying a ride on the dragon.
 Another pose from my Miss 7.
My new favourite family photo :)

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