Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow it is.

Sapporo Snow Festival -Photo Credit - www.funlobby.com

Earlier this month we returned from our holiday in Bangkok.  As one holiday ends another starts to be planned.  I asked Taleisha where she would like to go for our next holiday and she said the snow.  Now I have no idea how I managed to make the next jump but the first destination that came to mind when she said snow, was Japan. 

Not your normal earmarked snow destination but Japan is on my wish list, has been for years, it has this exotic appeal and in the alps it also has snow.  A little bit of everything for everyone.  Upon researching I found this winter snow festival in Sapporo, which I'm sure everyone has known about for years, where they make huge ice and snow sculptures of famous buildings, characters and landmarks, anything really.  I'm certain going to the Snow festival would well and truly tick the snow box for Taleisha.

The best part about planning and researching is that you can dream about going to all the sights, budget doesn't need to come into just yet.  I'm still daydreaming.  I would love to be able to see us making the trek over in February next year in time to experience the festival in Sapporo.  The only limitation will be finances as this trip will be a little longer and a little more expensive than our recent trip to Bangkok. 

Money or no money, doesn't stop the fun of the research, my internet browser has a number of pages open for Japanese sights.  I've downloaded Japanese travel phrase books to the Ipad and my current book of choice is the Lonely Planet Guide to Japan.  I love travel brochures but appears my local travel agent doesn't stock any for Japan and in general there seems to be minimal out there.

What are your must see places or things to do in Japan?

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