Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Big Cull

When it comes to my girls, I will admit I am a hoarder.  I box up all their cute outfits and store them in the cupboard to the point that there is almost no room for their current clothes.  Then there is the reams of art work that have come home from day care, kindy and school and then all those little masterpieces that they have made at home or drawn especially for me.  I really can't say why I've kept onto the clothes, my baby is now 4 and as much as I would never say no to another child, this is definitely not on the horizon anytime soon and it would be my luck the next bundle of joy would be a boy so all those gorgeous little dresses would be of no use anyway.

Today I pulled on my big girl boots and pulled all the boxes and bags out of Mackenzie's wardrobe.  All up their were 9 boxes (the ones the bulk nappies come in) and about 5 or 6 fabric shopping bags full of clothes, shoes and a few other random bits and bots.  Quite a little collection, if I don't say so myself that is.  The entire lot managed to engulf my lounge room floor.

I set out with a brutal mindset and with the plan to cull as much as I could possibly part with.  OK I probably only pulled my big girl boots part of the way up.  I had three piles, one was the keep pile, the second was for my sister and the last was for the op shop.  I can honestly say I was quite proud of myself with today's efforts.  The op shop pile now has two large bin liner bags and two plastic shopping bags full of clothes, plus three nappy bags I had managed to accumulate over the last 7 years.  My sister's pile has one large plus 5 plastic shopping bags full of clothes.  It feels so much lighter looking at those bags of clothes and the empty boxes that will not be going back in the wardrobe.

Amazingly through the process I stumbled across a box of size 4 clothes that had not yet made it into Mackenzie's wardrobe.  It really is a good thing that she is such a wee little thing and is really only starting to go into size 4s now, just a couple of months short of her 5th birthday.  Now I just need to find room for them in her draws. 

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the art boxes.  I'm thinking I'm going to take photos of their artwork and turn the loose pieces into photo books.  Not too sure what I'm going to do with the portfolio/journals they bring home at the end of the year.  May just keep them as is for now and tackle that decision another day, like when the girls are 30.

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