Saturday, March 16, 2013

A glorious day

Sometimes the best days arise out of nothing and today was one of those days.  There was no et plans, just went with the flow and things just seemed to work.

I met my girls at Mcdonalds for Breakfast with their Nanna and Aunty, as the girls had spent the night there so their mummy could let her hair down and go out and have a drink or two.  After breakfast the girls and I went to my sister's gymnastics training before heading home so Taleisha could scoff a quick lunch and head off to her own gymnastics training.

Whilst Taleisha was working her backside off at gymnastics, Mackenzie and I made our way to the Little Scribblers Festival in Thornlie.  Mind you our entrance was delayed whilst Mackenzie had a long overdue snooze in the car and we had to wait for Nanna and Aunty Kim and the bubs to find us. 
Mackenzie had a good time, she enjoyed feeding the farm animals, even if herself and her aunty were a little over cautious of the llama every time it went anywhere near them.  I do believe this little black lamb got spoilt and received her entire cup of feed.
She also got to paint on the big mural which she thought was pretty cool.  She got to meet the eco fairies and made a tiara garland.  She got spoilt with a new rainbow spiral head band from Nanna and a fair few freebies ranging from bananas and plums to scented textas and playdoh.   I would have to say that I will be filing the tiara garland idea away as a future party activity, as it was so simple but had hundreds of kids entertained.  It consists of wire twisted into a size suitable for the person and strips of fabric which you then just wrap and tie onto it, truly to simple. 

 For lunch we ducked into the Barbagello Stadium and caught ourselves the end game of an absolute butt kicking of a baseball game, final score was 11 to 1 whilst we ate our burgers and chips from the kiosk.  We've decided to add going to a Perth Heat game onto our one day list.  We then washed that healthy treat down with some soft serve ice cream from the Mr Whippy van.  Cutest thing ever was watching the twins when they were given their own cones for the first time and watching them paint themselves in their icecream and doing what must be instinct to all children and eat the icecream from the cone first.

It was homeward bound after that, where we were reunited with Taleisha.  It was then time for a tiny bit of scrap booking, she's been doing a page or two every weekend and her album is almost finished and I must say it is looking really good, lots of memories for her to look back onto.  She's also inspiring me to pull and dust off my scrap booking stuff. 

Lego assembly was next on the list, as she has been hanging out to put her new sets together since she received them in the mail for her birthday.  She was so proud of herself too as she put both sets together by herself.  
Finished the night off with pizzas as I was too lazy to cook dinner.  Actually make that tired.  Lack of sleep has definitely caught up with me this afternoon.  Pizzas and movies though, perfect way to finish off such a good day. 

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