Saturday, March 2, 2013

Budgetting for Japan

Japan is still a pipe dream, one that I would love to see realised in February next year.  I've taken three weeks annual leave at the start of February.  Perfectly coinciding with Winter in the Northern hemisphere and the Sapporo Winter Festival.  I'm a bit of visual person and I love lists.  I've started to compile a list of how much I think I will need to budget for the trip.  I'm planning on looking at budget, more back packing style accommodation where possible to save dollars.  As much as I love a hotel with a pool, given it is winter and snowing, I'm pretty certain we won't be needing the use of a pool, thus saving some dollars. 

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This is my list so far and as yet I haven't priced everything, still researching.  Will endeavour to add to it as I go along.

Japan budget
Airfares Perth to Tokyo ~ $2800
Tokyo accommodation (5 nights) ~
Osaka accommodation (2 nights) ~
Kyoto accommodation (1 nights) ~
Sapporo accommodation (4 nights) ~
Transport between cities ~
Disneyland entry ~ $350
Universal studios entry ~ $170
Ski pass ~
Spending money ~ $1500 - $2000

Total ~

Other things I'm looking at and need to price are the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, or even the Japan rail pass, which would hopefully cover all our travel whilst in Japan.  Still need to confirm nights in each city, which will be a work in progress whilst I read up and decide on what we're going to see and do.  As much as I would love to visit everything, I need to make sure that it is enjoyable for the girls and myself, as I'd hate to be dragging them around behind me everywhere bored out of their brains.

Would love any hints and tips on cheap but good accommodation in those cities, as well as anything you would recommend that we see or do whilst in Japan, keeping in mind it is myself and my two girls who will be 5 and 7 years old at time of travel.

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