Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

The build up to Easter is always so much fun, I love that my girls still believe in the magic of the day but also understand the true meaning behind what Easter is.  Taleisha asked me over and over if she can eat breakfast for Easter again this year like last year.  I told her that the Easter Bunny wasn't bringing chocolate this year but carrots.  Lucky for her that the only carrots the Easter bunny bought were Lindt chocolate carrots.
 We had to wait a little while for my sleepy head Mackenzie to wake up so the Easter hunt could begin, but when she did finally rise, she was so excited running around her room finding all her eggs that she just couldn't put any of them down.  Oh and one accidentally steps on their bunny rabbits ears, we must then devour it.  Nice work Mackenzie.
After we managed to rise from our chocolate haze and got ourselves all dressed, we headed down to Rockingham to enjoy the day by the beach.  It was a gorgeous day to spend by the water, especially for my water loving children.  If they weren't digging holes in the sand or splashing in the water, they were both upside down practicing their handstands and cartwheels.  I was mighty impressed that I finally managed to snap a shot of Taleisha fully upright.  Go me :)

 No trip to the beach would not be complete without fish and chips and I swear, the best potato wedges in the city. 

Once all the fun at the beach was finished we made our way across to the Rockingham Easter Carnival, were the girls enjoyed an overly priced game or two and won their prizes.  Managed to escape show bag less by promising that we will visit the Kelmscott show this year.  Better pencil that in my diary as Taleisha has an amazing memory and I'm sure she will bring it back up.  The girls enjoyed watching the dances and when one visits the show they must get fairy floss, especially when the shop is a giant blow up castle. 
We definitely had an amazing Easter this year, good times spent with family, lots of chocolate and lots of sunshine.  Perfect.  Couldn't ask for anything more.

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