Saturday, March 9, 2013

My goals for 2013

Whilst I was having my aimless no goal sook the other day I stumbled across this body building website that listed 4 goals for 2013 and it really struck accord with me.  Especially given goal number 2 was something that I had been mulling around in my head with.

The four goals were:
1. 20 chin ups or pull ups
2. 100 push ups
3. 10 pistols (which from reading the article look like a single leg squat but I could be wrong)
4. 2 minute static back extension

Practically some of these goals are a little way off for me, that is not to say that I won't be aiming for them but I will use these as more long term goals and will set some mini goals first and eventually build up and blitz these numbers.  Chin ups at the moment I can usually get two out before my body resembles a lifeless hanging sack.  I think my first goal when it comes to this would be aiming for 5 pull ups.  For my push ups at my last fitness test I managed 33 push ups on my toes before resorting to my knees.  So for my next term my goal is 50 push ups on my toes.  My back muscles are pretty mediocre so I really want to work on those at the moment as I find they let me down first when doing a lot of exercises, especially the ab ones.  I figure once I get the back muscles up to scratch some of the other exercises that I find I struggle on should be a piece of piss.

Whilst I'm focusing on my back this is where I want to aim most my work.  The above photo is of me now and I want to seriously work on toning and shaping my upper back.  Something a little more  like the photo below would be awesome.  My upper body strength is probably a little bit too much on the light weight side of things.  So my aim or goal or however you want to word it is to work on increasing my overall muscle mass and strength in this area. 
I would also like to drop my weight down to about 65 kilograms and maintain that weight.  At this point that would require about a 3 kilogram loss, which is not to big an ask.  Measurement wise my real focus is on my chest, I want to be able to decrease those measurements as much as humanly possible, at least 5 centimetres would be lovely.  I will not complain if the centimetres fall off anywhere else either, the more the merrier.  I'm going to aim to drink more water and reduce the amount of soft drink, including all that sugar free stuff that I drink.  I'm pretty happy with my eating as a whole, although I know that I can cut back on the sugary sweets.  I will endeavour to reduce the consumption of all things naughty but nice to three days a week with the ultimate aim to one day a week.

Some other things I would like to aim for if I get the opportunity to do them through out the year is to run a half marathon in under 2 hours.  Run and complete a full marathon, time completely irrelevant, if I even manage to finish the full marathon I would be over the moon.  Ideally to compete in as many fun runs and obstacle courses as my budget and schedule allows me too.

I am strong in my body and I'm going to be even stronger in my mind.  I'm going to work bloody hard and I know that I can do this and more.  I am going to be fitter, faster and stronger this year than ever before.  I am going to be the best version of me.  2013 the year of the Kat :)

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