Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to crack the whip

My will power has pretty much up and left me when it comes to all things food.  I have definitely been making the wrong choices and lots of them over the last few weeks and it is really starting to show.  It is seriously time to crack the whip and bring in the reigns again.  I here by give anyone who sees me permission to slap me if they see me eating or drinking something that I really shouldn't be.  I need to stop the kilos creeping up and get them back onto that downward slide again.  Today's jump on the scales was definitely a wake up call, talk about OMG shit what have I done.  Too fark I've got some serious work to do. 

A good week of good choices and lots of water will pretty much see me back at a weight that won't see me running for the hills.  So that is my goal for the remainder of this week.  No more chocolate or sweets for that matter, for the rest of the week.  I well and truly had my quota today.  I am going to track everything that passes my lips on my fitness pal, so I am accountable and can monitor what I am eating.  If things don't seem to be budging I may even go back and work out my points and do an at home version of weight watchers again, to keep my food and drink intake under control.

I also plan on doing a bit of exercise every day.  So far I have things scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  For the remaining days I plan to go for a run.  I need to get some kilometres under my belt as it has been ages since I have gone for a run and I have fun runs coming up which are going to kill me if I don't start doing something.  I also won't have a hope in hell in getting my goal of running a half in under 2 hours or even been able to attempt a full marathon if I continue to procrastinate about it.  Starting tomorrow, rain, hail or shine, I will be setting the alarm, pulling on the running gear and going for a run.  I even cleaned off the treadmill, which for quite some time now had been doubling as a second wardrobe, shamefull I know.  Tomorrow however I will be venturing out in the great out doors.

On that note time to go to bed to ensure I actually get out of bed tomorrow morning and go for this run.  No more excuses, time for action.  No more coasting through, time to amp it up and reap the rewards.  Bring it!!!

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