About Me

Who am I?

I am a single mum to two gorgeous little girls, who light up my life and unfortunately those grey hairs that keep sprouting out on my head as well. 

I am a born again fitness junkie, I love going to the gym, boxing, running, swimming, dancing, just generally moving and keeping fit.  I say born again as I spent a good period of my life perfecting the couch potato position until my A-HA moment which saw me losing over 20 kilograms and finding this new passion for fitness.

I love to travel.  Dreaming of travel is another one of my past times as my budget does not always stretch as far as I would like it too.  I do dream big and one day those dreams will become a reality.  The world is out there to see and I am going to make sure that I see as much of it as I can.

I am a bad photographer, I work on the theory that if I take 100 photos there will be at least one good one in there.  I like to share those photos.

My story is still being written, let me share some of those stories with you.